Statement about arrival of UN supports to Taiz

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The Sub relief Committee , the coalition of humanitarian Relief – Taiz and Enkad Network Follow the Entry of International Aid to me Taiz Besieged City, yesterday Thursday, welcoming the UN visit which awaited long.
 We see that this visit though came late but we consider it good gesture if followed by multiple visits and created real results, Lifts the siege off the city, and obliges the besiegers of the City to respect humanitarian international law.
Accordingly, we emphasize on the following:
1- We emphasize the Necessity that the International team have to Issued statement, illustrates the miserable humanitarian situation, which witnessed by Taiz besieged city.
2- Oblige the besiegers to left the siege and allow the entry of basic material like, water, food, medicine and oxygen, And other materials of Life accessories.
3- We demand United Nations to send UN team to Lives In the besieged city to watch the conditions closely, and know the detailed of the city people suffering.
4- The quantity which entered the city is not as the declared and compatible quantity according to the international standards of relief and plans of international organizations , it’s very Low and do not meet the needs of citizens in the city who are more than  300 thousand , what have been entered is just: (2900 bag of wheat ) ,(149 bag of Sugar ) , (100 cartons of beans)and (384 cartons of oil ).
According to the international standards, these quantities may not fit to be distributed, because it is not adequacy to the needs of more than 300 thousand People trapped in the city, since months.
We emphasize that we are welcome any food quantity will enter According to the international relief standards and plans of international organizations that achieve the relief to the citizens no according to the conditions of armed militia And it deception and blackmail ,and its attempt to exploit the needs of the trapped and deceptive the world and international organizations.
We also, In furtherance the hope of Taiz city population by arrival of the international team, in raise the siege and ease their suffering, we emphasize our call to make the results of this visit , achievements on the humanitarian level ,realized by fast detente of the tragedy which experienced by Population, rising the siege and stopping the daily random shelling and targeting the incent civilians.
Issued by : The Sub relief Committee in The Province – Enkad network – and The Coalition of Humanitarian Relief – Taiz
Friday: 22 January 2016

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